Welcome to 4MYEGO.org. I created this website to share my story and passion of me spending my hard earn cash on my car over the years i've owned it. What started off as just a daily driver is now a highly modified street vehicle that can now jump in the ring with the heavy weights and put up a good battle. Before you start asking how fast does it go i cant answer that. I have a Track Day & Drag Night Scheduled in 2017 to get the answers to that. I have never put in on the strip or track since the Big Engine Build but i do know one thing for sure is it scares the shit out of me every time i drive it and it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside like i got when i was 13 years old on Christmas Eve. Thankyou for visiting and i hope you enjoy my story. See you at a Motor Enthusiast Event or just cruising the streets. Cheers Jason.